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What is LetroZone?

LetroZone (LZ) is the most powerful anti-estrogen + anabolic combo you can find over the counter.  Make the most of your Cycle or HRT by using LetroZone daily on cycle to keep estrogen conversion low, and during PCT to help you regain proper HTPA fuctions.  LetroZone is applied via a transdermal spray that comes packed with powerful Anti-Estrogen hormones and very anabolic prosteroid analogues.   The main ingredient in the LZ formula is Formestane.  Formestane is used to help lower estrogen while providing the user with a huge boost in muscle gains as Formestane also converts to   4-hydroxytestosterone .  Each bottle has just over 850 sprays in it, with 100mg of Formestane per 14 sprays, so you can apply as many as 28 to 30 sprays per day, taking a full 200mg of Formestane per day. One bottle of LetroZone will still last a full month on this protocol.  Four whole weeks, 30 full days each at 200mg of Formestane per day.  This concentration of product is for everyone, ESPECIALLY the guys out there running cycles, who really need the added protection... However, LetroZone would not be the most powerful OTC Aromatase inhibitor if all it contained was Formestane.  LZ is much more powerful than just Forma alone as it is a full formula stacked to the brim.

formestane vs exemestane

Fig 1. Formestane vs Exemestane

LetroZone also delivers the proven Aromatase inhibitor Arimistane (androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione) along with the Formestane to cut Estrogen production at the source.  The enzymatic reaction that turns testosterone to estrogen.  Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione has been a very well documented Aromatase inhibitor used in many popular products like ERASE and Liquidex AI. However,  now it comes in a very powerful transdermal spray so you can apply it directly to the areas of the skin where this enzyme is found in high concentrations, like the chest and abdominal area.

Keeping Estrogen low during cycle is very important to prevent bloating and female breast tissue (gynecomastia) from becoming a problem.  A perfectly good cycle can be totally ruined by high Estrogen levels making you look puffy, red faced and possibly growing breasts.  LZ is there to keep Estrogen in check, so you can enjoy your cycle,  keeping you very tight and dry as well as feeling great.  High Estrogen can also cause men to have extreme mood swings and give a bad sense of well being.  High Testosterone levels, however,  make you feel like an awesome winner though ... 🙂

So we already know that Formestane is about the most badass prosteroid for lowering estrogen and helping you make dry gains during your cycle.  You get 200mg of it per day in LetroZone, while Arimistane (androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione)  is a proven Aromatase inhibitor that will help you get rid of excess estrogen and LZ delivers 20mg of this ingredient per day when using 28-30 sprays per day.  With the synergy created by this stack of both in the LetroZone spray, the product now allows you to target the areas trouble areas where high concentrations of Aromatase enzyme cause problems, like your nipple area where breast tissue can appear in a matter of days.   Guys on cycle really need to be spraying LetroZone on their chest every single day to keep man boobs away and an to keep an overall dry look even during heavy bulking. No more puffy face from water retention either!

aromatase enzyme

Fig 2. Aromatase Enzyme

With such heavy doses of both Formestane and Arimistane, it's pretty clear that this product will keep Estrogen side effects away, but what about Cortisol?  Cortisol is a nasty stress hormone that creeps back after your cycle is done, and eats away at your gains while adding fat to your mid section.  Many products on the market have been offered, like the popular Relacor, to try and lower cortisol, thus helping the users to lose fat from their mid section.  Not only does this stress hormone cortisol put fat on your belly but it also east away at your muscle gains, making your muscle cells release their precious storage out into your system for energy.  Why do you think newbies lose all their gains after their first cycle? - Out of control Cortisol is a big part of it!

The LetroZone formula contains 11-oxo to help keep cortisol from eating away at your hard earned gains during the Post Cycle Therapy period, when you are most vulnerable to catabolism since the the steroids are out of your system and cortisol kicks up.   11-oxo added into the LZ formula helps to lower cortisol levels at the time you need it most, during PCT.  Arimistane itself is also known to be a cortisol reducer on top of being an anti-estrogen, and in LZ it will work in synergy with the 11-oxo for a very effective stack to keep cortisol very low.  If you don't use LetroZone, you could watch all of your gains fade away when cortisol levels bounce back after your cycle as it will eat away at your gains.  Most guys who've done at least one cycle know this very well.  The 11-oxo concentration in LetroZone is at 50mg per day via the transdermal matrix, making it much more powerful that way, as it is the perfect concentration for that critical Post Cycle period, to help solidify gains.  It would be foolish to not use LetroZone to protect your gains after the cycle, making sure you use it's power to solidify your gains.  After all, it is those permanent gains we are after, and LZ provides that “Cycle Insurance” that we all need for our time and monetary investments on these cycles.

Let’s remember that only does LetroZone help mitigate the cortisol rebound after cycle, but it's main purpose is to be used on cycle to help prevent the onset of steroid induced Gyno, water retention, depression and other side effects associated with steroid use.  LetroZone also works as a potent anabolic all on it's own, adding strength to your cycle it is a serious part of any stack.  With the heavy 200mg per day of Formestane, a user will have some conversion to the anabolic  4-hydroxyTestosterone, which is a very effective muscle building steroid.

Some steroids like Masteron and Proviron have Estrogen lowering properties, while the main ingredients in LetroZone share in the same tradition of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids with Aromatase Inhibition properties as you would find in Proviron and Masteron, but here we stack three different hormones to cause the desired effects.

letrozone AI

Fig 3. Letrozone Bottle

By using LetroZone ON Cycle, your precious Steroids will not be turned into estrogen hormones by the Aromataze Enzyme, since LetroZone contains two Aromatase Inhibitors that will bind to this enzyme and render it useless.  LetroZone helps keeps your Testosterone and other Steroids safe from the Aromatase enzyme, so more and more milligrams of your hormones are available for growth.

Topical Anti-Estrogen, Cortisol reducer, and muscle builder.  The perfect complement to any cycle, cutting or bulking, a perfect companion during PCT.  Any time you need to keep Estrogen low so you don't grow tits, and cortisol in check so your body doesn't eat away at muscle mass for energy – you will need LetroZone.  You can spray on LetroZone with it's transdermal matrix for preventing the Aromatase Enzyme from converting your precious natural Testosterone into girly-hormones, or your expensive Steroids into super-charged 17AA-Estrogen-like steroids.

If your cycle is over with, and you are feeling the depression of high estrogen levels along with watching your muscle waste away from the spike in cortisol you will experience once you get off the Steroids – you need to use LetroZone as a non-suppressive way to lower your Cortisol levels, and help you solidify your gains after the cycle.

LetroZone is a new era in steroid cycle protocol, where Bodybuilders now have the perfect cycle solution for use during cycle and PCT as well.


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