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don't waste your money testing the gear.
Just buy from are approved sources on here and be satisfied
why risk your body just over a few bucks? Even if you bought a bunch of it it's still your body and you could really hurt yourself
domestic supply we know has good gear
littletimetrouble already sent out our gear to be tested anonymously and it was proven to be 100% legit
Indeed, D-S is very solid. I am going to have more tests available, mostly D-S, but a few other sponsors too, so watch out. I’ll try to include batch numbers too, because even when a product is “good” it is actually nice to know if your test is 300/ml or 330/ml, both of which are within the 10% margin.
the kits are definitely not something i would put a lot of trust in... there is a lot wrong with those vials.. many of the issues have been pointed out but just on the surface, i can tell you that anyone that is a veteran of this would not touch those.. of course we cannot say with 100% certainty, but there's no way on the planet earth i would go near that nor would anyone i know... you can see through reviews and logs that is by far the best company out there!
Never heard of it man but you can just switch to Domestic-Supply. They carry only top brands, have super fast shipping, and amazing customer service. They have been doing this for a very long time with great reviews.
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