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cycle log

  1. MadStacker

    Approved Log My First cycle with TRT Log

    Age 35 male Been back in gym for 1 year. Dropped from 285lbs to 240lbs 6'2 240lbs 25% bf maybe less (being conservative) Current bicep size 17.5 Waste 36 Gym 5 days a week (Open to change this is just what I know) Monday chest Currently switch between gvt and 5x5 every other week. Bench or...
  2. af1729

    Approved Log My Testosterone cycle log

    Stats: -22 years old, 5'8, 160lbs around 13% bf -I have been training for 5 years -I have been on trt 125mg for a while now and I decided to start my first cycle around february the 1st. Cycle info: -500mg test c/week split in 2 -400ui hcg 2 times per week -Arimidex : this is definitly alot for...
  3. heavyjudy

    Approved Log Heavyjudys First Bulk Cycle Log

    I have been motivated by Gearhead to post a training log, Ill try and keep it short, sweet and easy to read, always open for feedback and ideas. Ive tried to keep the units in kg and lbs for our international friends. My Training Background I built a decent base naturally in my early 20s got...
  4. H

    Cycle help/okay to run?

    Superdrol oral- 20-30 mg ed Rad 140 oral- 10-20 mg ed MK-677- 17-20 mg every day before bed. I say before bed because I rotate 6 weeks on nights and day shift at work, working 12 hours shifts. Cardarine- 15mg ed 4 andro 50-100mg ed Milk thistle for liver support also have some anastrozle on...
  5. Dan98

    Approved Log Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar cycle log

    Hi everyone. So im a few days post gyno op and want to get my next cutting cycle dialled in while i have a lot of free time. This will be my third major cycle and im planning on getting super shredded for an event on new years. My bloods look good after only 2 weeks on cruise and looking to...
  6. Dan98

    Approved Log My test, Dbol, Deca, proviron bulking cycle

    So this is my second cycle which i have now finished as i have gyno surgery in a couple weeks (had mild since puberty). I started after spending a couple months travelling aus with minimal training and not ideal diet due to the nature of travelling. Once I finished i was keen to get my gains...
  7. gunelanie4987

    First testosterone masteron cycle

    Hey everyone hope you are doing well with your goals. I am currently on my first cycle been working out naturally since I was 16, and I am currently 26 years old. stats 6ft 1 weight 180lbs 81kg My cycle test E 200 Mast 2 200 planning to cycle for 12 weeks followed by a full PCT with...
  8. breeziey

    Cycle log-breezy-bulking 2023

    Quick intro about me 24, currently 100kg 6’0 tall, training 5 years, working with a iffb pro as my coach with the goal of becoming a pro. Isn’t my first cycle, goal is to smack on some size and compete early next year. Cycle 400 test/wk 300 npp/wk 25 anadrol before workout and 25 post...
  9. B

    Test/Tren/Winny/Proviron Summer Prep Cycle Log

    Lean Greek God Summer Prep Cycle I usually cruise on 120mg/week TRT but I'm starting this 18-24 week cycle tomorrow. Will adjust and or drop compounds to keep myself feeling healthy. The Sauce Test E 125mg E3D Tren E 125mg E3D Aromasin 12.5mg E3-6D Prami .3mcg E3-6D Winstrol 25mg ED Proviron...
  10. S

    Contest Prep full 20 week cycle log and progress tracker

    So i'll be competing in my third bodybuilding competition in 16 weeks and will be documenting my progress/cycle throughout the last 16 weeks leading up to the show. I've previously competed in two shows in the lightweight class (natty) but am gonna be making the move up to middleweight for this...
  11. ibleedoranbla

    Sarms and Oxandrovar cycle log!

    Hey guys, I started what I would consider my first real cycle today and I'm going to log it. A little background info, I have never used any aas or prohormones, I have only used SARMS 1 time. Last September, I took a break from working out and eating right, the entire shebang. My fiance was 8...
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