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[APPROVED] Nordic Fusion Canada

Hey, I received a response from [email protected]. Reading through this forum a lot of people are saying they require a referral before responding so wanted to ensure this is still legit and im not talking to a scammer! thanks.
He seemed fine to me at first, we talked back and forth at least 6 times, i was ready to make an order and then he stopped replying to me and I even talked to one of his other reps, he said he gtg but still no reply, there are plenty of good guys out there and he sure seemed like one, but im not gonna beg someone if they clearly dont want my business, there are plenty who will.. good luck.
Interested in trying to purchase some of your gear, can I just send you guys an email and place an order or do I need to be referred by someone first?

@Canada here heard great things around Calgary about NF.. Looking for a referral as my Bio-med rep has done the Houdini.. PM me?
He is private just ask the moderators about him. He missed one of my shipments but was able to correct it and paid for fast shipping.

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Hey MasonicBB,how are you man. I'm this is my first message written new,after looking thru forum n things,for a few days now. I don't know if this is rude, or even permitted,but after seeing your posts,I am looking for gear,and an approved supplier. I Was buying testosterone 400 from a friend,for a long time,but his source is gone.
So that's why I came here...Can u help? I guess I can't PM you because you need so many posts...let me know please,Thank you. Brandog
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