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Saunas and HGH levels

....Saunas – The Key to a Massive HGH Boost....

Saunas are well known for their ability to detoxify your body. A sauna causes heavy perspiration, which helps your body push out stagnant toxins.

The high temperature in steam rooms also increases blood flow into your tissues through vasodilation. This process, which is the dilation of your blood vessels, flushes out unhealthy particles that sit in your muscles and other tissues.

Another big benefit is that the extreme heat raises your body’s endogenous detoxification enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase. (1)

If you already use saunas, then you may already know some or all of these benefits. But did you also know that using a sauna can boost your human growth hormone (HGH) level to a massive degree?

Keep reading as I discuss studies that show the huge impact that saunas have on your HGH. But first, I’m going to cover why exactly you should care about heightened HGH.


Importance of high HGH

Why Is Increased Human Growth Hormone So Important?

Growth hormone’s main benefit is to help us grow throughout our childhood and adolescent years. Of course, HGH offers a number of other perks that continue into our adult lives.

One of the most-exciting benefits is fat loss. HGH has been shown to help you lose over twice as much fat as the anabolic steroid testosterone (2).

Growth hormone also increases your Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) 1 level (3). Boosting IGF-1 leads to better muscle gains.

Enhanced sleep quality is another advantage to HGH. Sleep is extremely important, whether you’re looking to optimize your work performance or increase muscle gains.

A 2013 study revealed that MLB players who get enough sleep are 72% more likely to still be in the league after three years (4). Contrast this to those who sleep poorly, who are 40% more likely to be out of the MLB in less than three years.


High HGH levels can also lead to stronger athletic performance and better muscle maintenance (5, 6). The latter is especially important when you’re trying to lose weight without also losing a significant amount of muscle mass.

You’ll also appreciate having high human growth hormone if you’ve ever dealt with a major injury. This peptide hormone helps you overcome a variety of injuries (7, 8).

How do Saunas Raise HGH?

Plenty of studies show that different types of exercise can increase your growth hormone level. But less research has been performed on the correlation between saunas and HGH. Luckily, there is some research that covers this subject.

The first study that showed this connection was conducted in 1976. Finnish researchers looked at growth hormone levels in 55 participants before and after sauna treatments. They discovered that the average person’s HGH level rises 140% higher following a sauna session.


The participants’ HGH levels returned to normal after an hour. But the fact that they more than doubled their growth hormone after a sauna session is quite significant (9).

How to Use Saunas to Your Benefit?

As you may know, human growth hormone production drops significantly once you reach the age of 50. The same trend relates to a sauna’s effect on HGH.

One study shows that men aged 49-66 get fewer growth hormone benefits after a sauna session when compared to men aged 31-46 (10). But this isn’t to say that older people can’t also enjoy increased growth hormone under the right variables.

The key is subjecting your body to just the perfect amount of heat-related stress. The frequency of treatments also has an impact on how much your HGH will rise.

Studies reveal that the HGH boost drops significantly after three straight days of sauna sessions (11). The highest HGH increase is seen after the second consecutive day of using the sauna.

As for duration, research shows that 30-minute sessions are best with regard to increasing growth hormone circulation. This was discovered in 2007, when researchers had individuals undergo both 30 and 45-minutes sessions. The 30-minute group experienced the largest HGH increase (12).

80 degrees Celsius (176F) is the optimal temperature for increasing your growth hormone. Little research exists on temperatures beyond this point. But it’s assumed that higher sauna temperatures will provide a smaller HGH increase.

Should you use Saunas?

Should You Jump in the Sauna to Boost Your HGH?

The biggest drawback to sauna-based HGH increases is that you lose all the benefits an hour afterward. That said, it’s worth questioning whether you should even bother with steam baths for growth hormone purposes.

The truth, though, is that you can benefit from saunas – especially right after a training session. Your body works extremely hard to repair itself in the 30-60 minutes right after a workout.


Given that one of HGH’s key advantages is improving workout recovery time, you’ll heal even faster by jumping into a sauna following your training session. The result is that your body will be ready for the next workout much faster.

If you want an even stronger HGH boost and more benefits, then you should also consider taking human growth hormone. The HGH drug gives you longer-lasting benefits over time.

And you can undergo sauna sessions to boost your short-term recovery in the hour following any workout.

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