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Approved Log My Training Log

i'm not a believer in calorie counting. i'm a believer in qulaity foods and time restricted eating. and i also believe in cycling calories/carbs and foods in general. getting as close to natural eating as possible

One of the big mistakes I see is guys will be 250 calories short of their daily goal for example so they'll say well let me just eat a slice of pizza before bed because I have 250 calories to spare. does that pizza dough your body any good? of course not. now while you're sleeping your body has to process fake food which will interfere with recovery. so it would of been better to just leave those 250 cals on the table
You look massive in your picture good job
the food looks solid
I like how you're open to ideas on here
Hey boys

Starting my new meal plan from Monday, I want to go on a calorie deficit just want to get your ideas. I’m using my fitness pal to track my calories I’ve taken screen shots and will be posting them up now.

I’ll be having 4 meals a day
breakfast @ 6.30-7am
Lunch @ 12pm
Snack @3.30pm
Dinner @7pm
Snack@9pm (shake)

With the screen shots I couldn’t categorise everything in the app, some of it will be grouped in the snack section
Nice job
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