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Approved Log New Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log

@Nobodyknows thanks for coming back :) we missed you.

you changed training foods? can you share some more direct changes

what dose of cabergoline you got?

I'd like to add more training info can you do it?

and on the pics you are HARDCORE very solid mass
Upped the protein to 200grams and carbs 160g calories are now at 2000 same food as my past updates stir fry chicken beef a lot of fish , training is the same split adding a few more sets in each day just cause I feel I have more in the tank
little update haven’t been active for awhile as I’ve have a lot going on

Training style and split has been the same diet wise I changed it up a little bit eating same meals/food just upped the calories from 1500-2000 as I felt like I wasn’t eating enough, gear protocol has changed a bit test is the same at 175 tren I dropped to 150mg due to side effects increasing no gyno or prolactin spikes more insomnia following quite a bit of irritation, still taking caber and AI when needed ,the gains are still coming in just hitting 4 weeks this wensday , strength increasing rapidly , recovery feels great even with the mild insomnia , looking bigger by the day, will try to update more 1st pic is end of day after all meals and 2nd is right in the morning
good work here
What’s up bros starting a new cycle from PSL, gonna be doing a little recomp/cut some more been cruising trt still since last log !

CYCLE -8 week 175 test E 250 tren ace split into ED in the morning, have caber on hand , Anastrozole I don’t think I’ll need it since last blast estrogen was in control without, maybe use 30mg anavar also
Supplement- organ, liver support , grabbing n2guard also , fish oil, men’s multivitamin,P5p, anything else I should throw in for added support?

DIET- 1600 calories
160 protein
120 carbs (gonna stop carb intake around 5pm to keep tren sweats down before bed)
60 fat
dinner-chicken, green beans and rice 7pm
Lunch- 96/4 ground beef , small salad , and rice 3pm
Breakfast-egg whites, low fat cheese, turkey bacon 1pm (post workout)
Will be throwing fish into the mix my meals change depending on what I have a taste for but stay the same for the most part, keep my macros and calories the same

TRAINING - Prioritize week points legs and back
Mon - shoulder DB lateral raise, military press
, face pulls , cable raises front and side.
Tue- back/arms DB curls, hammer curls ,tricep push down single arm, lat pulldown close grip and wide grip, bent over barbell row, seated cable rows.
Wed-legs leg curls, calf raises, squat, leg extension.
Thur-chest incline DB press, incline bench, plate loaded press, flat bench , cable flys
Fri - rest
Sat- back/arms
20mins cardio, abs EOD
3-4 sets of 12-15
70% of my maxes
Maybe do more sets a day just because I enjoy lifting even though it could be counter productive.

GOALS- from last cut I did manage to get down to 175 wanted 170 but was very happy with results , then maintained , now I want to get down to 165 pretty lean, here’s some pictures of the current look. Still holding some fat around mid section im short 5’8 at 175
any tips or added supps I should take TIA if I forgot anything I will add
Newb question. How would you know if you need Caber? What symptoms would you look for?
Newb question. How would you know if you need Caber? What symptoms would you look for?
@Madmax46 cabergoline (dostinex) you would likely get low libido but that happens with E2 thats high too
so without blood work hard to know your prolactin levels
This is what I was thinking. You can’t really differentiate the 2.
@Madmax46 as a rule I take .25mgs dostinex/week with my trenbolone
same goes for my clients all doing it, even ~100-200mgs range of tren
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